Create a unique background wall for trade shows and events

Create a unique background wall for trade shows and events

Although we are approaching the end of another year, trade show and event season are just around the corner! Do you have your backdrop walls ready? Digital Arts creates fabric and vinyl banners with stands in a variety of styles and sizes to use for background walls at trade shows and events. Create a unique background wall for trade shows and events!

What better way to display your logo and products than having a backdrop for your booth. With super sturdy construction and the option of fixed or adjustable sizes, you will be able to create a temporary wall unique to your company. Digital Arts will design a beautiful backdrop to make you stand out in the room, and get your brand noticed.

Large Format and Grand Format for a unique background wall for trade shows and events

Large format (up to 5ft width and height) and grand format (over 5ft) banners make ideal backgrounds for your exhibits.  Our 100% polyester fabric banners are wrinkle-resistant and printed using a superior quality dye sublimation process. They are great options for temporary walls at a trade show booth. The smooth, matte finish offers premium print quality and maximum versatility. To learn more about the advantages of Large Format Printing, read here.

Although the banners can be made of either premium vinyl or fabric, we recommend going with the fabric options because they are lighter weight, making them highly portable and easy to store. And with our padded carrying cases, you have an excellent option for transport and storage. Assembly takes 5 minutes, so your display can be up and running in no time.

To display the backdrops, we provide a variety of stands in either adjustable, fixed, or “pillowcase” styles. All options are made in the U.S.A. and are built to last.

Adjustable Banner Stands

If you have multiple banners for various occasions, you will want a large/grand format adjustable banner stand, which telescopes in height from 37” to 96” making it a flexible choice for assorted backgrounds at your booth. Made with pole pocket mounting and two 3” x 17” formed steel “bridge” support bases, and units include solid aluminum clutches for infinite adjustability. If our standard sizes aren’t enough, we offer our jumbo tubing options and conversion kits, so you can reach new heights (and widths).


Fixed Size Banner Stands

Do you exhibit at the same shows every year and need the same dimensions for your backdrop wall each time? If you are looking for a large format pole pocket but don’t require adjustability, we have options with our fixed dimensions products. Offered in four different widths and three different heights, you can create the “WOW Effect” at your next event by displaying beautiful graphics on our elegant ultra wide stands. Aluminum alloy banner stand construction features a steel weighted base, yet is still lightweight and strong. Our grand format styles come in 2 sections with heavy duty solid aluminum joiners between the split sections, and include a droop preventer plate, so it doesn’t leave the fabric hanging. Setup and take down are fast & uncomplicated, and are transported broken down for ease.


Pillowcase Banner Stands 

Do you have a uniquely shaped banner, or just want a different look for a new banner? Why not try a pillowcase banner style that slides over the stand just like a removable cloth cover for a pillow. Choose from three styles: curved top, angled top, or flat top. Made of aluminum alloy tubing with steel weighted bases, these stretch fabric banner stands are surprisingly lightweight. Single or double sided graphics using dye sublimation, printed on wrinkle free, stretch fabric. Simply pull graphics over the stand like you would a pillowcase and encircle the steel base with the graphic bottom. Just like our adjustable and fixed stands, assembly is quick and easy.



Whatever option you order, don’t forget to order a case for trouble-free storage and transport! We offer a variety of sizes in our travel bags, in addition to premium padded bags.

Digital Arts’ large & grand format pole pocket banners are ideal backdrops for your trade shows and events. Designed the way you want with our wide variety of options and sizes, and will make your company consistently look great. If the standard options don’t fit your needs, customized versions are available – just ask! With effortless assembly & break down, and painless transport, these are sure to be your go-to background walls at events. Create a background wall unique to your company for trade shows and events!

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