The advantages of large format printing

Large format printing is a type of printing that is usually but not always larger than 36″ x 72″. Large prints are often used to produce posters, banners and other types of graphic art. They are often seen on billboards and inside stadiums. But what’s so special about these large prints?
Large format printing, wide format printing and grand format printing use inkjet printing. Jets of ink fire ink (spray) onto the substrate. Paper, vinyl, plastics and cloth are usable substrates for inkjet. This has allowed the easy and quick production of banners, POP displays and posters. Displays, vehicle graphics and signage too.
Wide and large format printing usually refer to prints under 5′ wide. Grand format printing refers to prints wider than 5′ and maxes out at 16′ wide. Most of the large printing is 5′ wide or less. These types of prints are now mainstream and available almost anywhere.


How long do these type of prints last outdoors? It depends on the substrate but at least 3 to 5 years depending on the use. We once printed a sign on adhesive vinyl that should have lasted only 3 to 5 years. It was still going strong after 10 years!
One of the areas that has seen tremendous growth is fabric printing. We can print on cloth up to 10′ wide by any length. The colors are vibrant and the cloth can be washed or dry cleaned. Cloth costs much let to ship due to the fact it weighs less than vinyl or paper. It is also much easier on the environment than vinyl. We use dye sublimation technology to print on cloth.


Banners print on cloth are as durable as those printed on vinyl. Consider using cloth for your next banner printing job. Over the street banners should use vinyl for the substrate. Pole banners are perfect for cloth. We like to use a canvas for the pole banners.
Digital Arts Imaging prints using wide format, large format and grand format printing. Please give us a call at 908 237 4646 for your next project. You can also email us at or our chat on the homepage.

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